Why Custom Alaska Cruises

The Exclusive Small Ship Cruise Experience

While there are a few small ship cruises in Alaska, no other will be as intimate an experience as with Custom Alaska Cruises. Our fleet of ships both have four staterooms, meaning there is room for only eight adults.


While being attended to by five crew members, including a Five-Star Chef, your experience will be like being aboard your own ship rather than another cruise ship.

We are able to provide a more intimate cruise experience that will stick with you for a lifetime. You will find that being on our boats is like the luxury of having a ship of your own.

There is nothing better than being in the beauty of an unknown land (to you at least) and being able to ask the Captain to take you over to a particular area that caught your eye. Or ask to stay in a cove that you are not done exploring.  You will feel like the King/Queen of the world, with your own ship to lead your explorations of new lands. 

Your All-Inclusive Adventure

The experience aboard one of our Alaska cruises is tailored to you. The all-inclusive experience leads to the relaxation knowing that you have endless opportunities to participate in adventure without worrying about bringing a wallet or hurting your vacation budget.

With flexible itineraries and adventures abound, your chances for exploration are endless. We know that Alaska is often a bucket list trip, and we want to make it one step better than your expectation. Your dream trip will be that and more with our crew aboard one of our ships.

The benefit of a small ship cruise means we can get you into exclusive bays and coves that large ships simply do not have access to. Get away from the crowds and see the Alaska landscape as if you were the only one around.

Relax on deck and fish for that night’s dinner, or help reel in the crab pots to live out your Deadliest Catch fantasies. Get off the boat and into one of our kayaks to experience the point of view of the abundant sea life and bring sea level to eye level.

Excursions are all included with your trip. Head to the beach and take a hike, beach comb, or discover the amazing and miniature worlds of tidal pools. Kayak when you want, relax with wine and a book when you want (no need to wait for dinner to get that complimentary beverage). This is your vacation – enjoy it at your leisure!

5-Star Culinary Experience

Your culinary experience will start as soon as you arrive at the ship, with a champagne greeting along with hors d’oeuvres to celebrate the journey ahead. Fresh seafood will be featured throughout the cruise, and you may even help to catch the seafood yourself!

We work as time and route allow to set crab and shrimp pots throughout your trip, and guests love to help haul them in for a truly locally sourced dinner. Our 5-star chef, trained and mentored by restauranteur and celebrity chef John Besh, will be creating unique and memorable menus featuring the days catch as well as other non-seafood dishes.

If seafood is not your thing, rest easy, as special diets and allergies are not a problem. With advance notice, we can accommodate your preferences, allergies, and diets. If you are aboard celebrating a special occasion, just let us know and we will happily prepare fresh baked indulgences to help celebrate.

Beer, wine, soda, coffee and other beverages are unlimited, unlike many cruises that only offer a complimentary glass of wine or beer with lunch and dinner. Should you like to relax with a glass of wine and a good book on the deck, we fully encourage it. Beverages of all sorts are there when you want them. Should you prefer liquor, you are welcome to purchase and bring aboard yourself, and we will provide the mixers.

Private and Roomy Staterooms

At the end of a long day, retire to your own luxurious stateroom with private bath, organic bath products, fresh linens and a queen-sized bed to stretch out in rather than a twin that’s common aboard most cruise ships.

With only four staterooms aboard, our cabins are spacious and comfortable to provide a wonderful private retreat while aboard.

Kids and Families Welcome

Our ships may be small, but there’s no need to feel nervous about sharing with unknown guests. You will find our boats are surprisingly roomy with nooks and decks to tuck away into, and most of our guests quickly strike up friendships.

You can choose to relax on your own or visit with other passengers. And we find that kids aboard form fast friendships that last for years to come. Your children will have the opportunity to be independent and autonomous on the safety of the ship.

With no child care centers or game rooms to distract them, your children will be wildly entertained by the wonders of the world itself. They can help to reel in the crab and shrimp pots at the end of the day, assist the captain in navigation, and have an experiential experience of the Alaskan way of life.

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