The Coronavirus On Cruises VS Our Private Yachts

Travel Plans Gone Awry This Season?

Coronavirus on cruise ship

Have you chosen to rethink your travel plans for 2020? Did you decide not to go on a large cruise ship, island hop Southeast Asia or travel through Europe? The current state of flu and

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) may seem a little scary, but WE are here to ease your fears and give you an alternate vacation idea.  A Custom Alaska Cruise is ultimately the safest option when it comes to booking a travel adventure this year.  Why is that?

Our fleet is comprised of small vessels, not massive cruise ships.  Private boat charters with us have only 8-12 passengers onboard and 5 crewmembers, because of this the chances of illnesses popping up are significantly diminished.  Additionally, if you have booked a full boat charter everyone onboard will be friends or family.  Not only are our vessels more private, but we have a naturalist on board to share great information about Alaskan wildlife while traveling around the Inside Passage. You will have a private chef cooking up 5-star cuisine that meets all dietary needs.  Daily activities include kayak explorations, bear viewing, whale watching, watching glaciers calve, fishing and more!  Included with your cruise is also custom beers and wines.

At this time the CDC has not categorized any United States locations with a risk assessment level.  This means that traveling is considered safe within the United States without restrictions.  The state of Alaska has no confirmed cases of COVID-19, and you are easily able to structure your travel to Petersburg, AK to avoid areas of higher risk. The CDC recommends everyday preventive actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like COVID-19 such as diligent hand washing and avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth.  See more information here:

kayaking in alaskaCustom Alaska Cruises offers amazing excursions that are all included in the price of your trip, that means no additional charges for kayaking, fishing, bear and whale watching, glacier viewing and so much more!  Check out more information on all of our excursion offerings here:

CDC Travel Information:

Don’t let the Corona Virus sink your summer vacation, join us for a once in a lifetime adventure!

Take a look at our cruise booking page to see upcoming dates available.

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