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How Do We Cruise?

How Do We Cruise?

Small Ship Cruising

Most readers have an idea of what a “cruise” looks like. Fewer know what “small ship cruising” looks like. Our trips take cruising to a niche level. Both of our boats have four staterooms and can sleep up to either 10-12 guests in a party. We see a lot of families, groups of friends, and couples on our trips. The Golden Eagle only sees full boat charters, and the Sikumi offers both full boat and mixed charters. Our most common number ranges are 5-8 guests, whether it be a full boat or mixed charter. We typically see our larger groups of 12 when families book the boat to themselves. 

The Crew          

  Our boats are staffed with five crew members; a captain, two deckhands/guides, steward, and a chef. It is common for guests to form friendships with the crew on their trips. We think that is part of what makes the experience we offer memorable and personable. Each crew member is there to ensure that all needs are met and service is prioritize. The crew shares local knowledge, stories, and experiences that help mold the trip into the experience our clients look for. 

Our Operation

 The captain oversees safety throughout the trip, plans activities for the day, and oversees all activities on and off the boat. You’ll be guided on excursions by our two deckhands. They are your door to the remote Alaskan wilderness and adventures you’ve always dreamed of. Our steward will make sure all your comforts are met in your staterooms and anytime you are on the boat. The stew typically works closely with the chef, who arguably has the most important job on the boat! The chef, ah.. where do we begin! Our chefs work tirelessly to exceed all of your culinary expectations! We feature locally caught (often times by you) seafood throughout the week, while also throwing in some classic favorites. They are very well trained and highly capable of accommodating an assortment of dietary restrictions- so fret not! Our crew functions as a team, relying on each other as needed, to ensure your vacation has the highest quality of service (on and off the boat).

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