Things To Do In Seward Alaska

things to do in seward alaska

Named after William H. Seward, Seward is one of Alaska's most popular towns, largely because of its scenery, wildlife, and fishing. Resurrection Bay is a popular destination for sightseers and fishermen alike. During the summer months, Seward is busy with cruise ship and railway traffic.

Populated by nearly 3,000 residents, Seward was incorporated in 1912.  It was the supply base for Alaska Railroad construction between 1915 and 1923. The famous earthquake of 1964 created tsunamis that destroyed sections of the town and claimed several lives.

Today the city relies on commercial fishing, tourism, the transport industry, and a state prison for its economy. More then 300,000 cruise ship passengers come through the town each summer.

Kenai Fiords National Park and Misty Fiords National Monument are two commonly visited destinations and make for wonderful places to cruise. Humpback whales, killer whales, sea lions, seals, sea otters, bald eagles and puffins are just some of the wildlife that inhabit the area. Whittier alaska charters are quite common and very rewarding.

Best Things To Do In Alaska

To read more on the best things to do in Alaska here. We go into detail on some of the best cities along the Inside Passage to travel.

If you are interested in traveling to Alaska, one of the best things to do is to go on an Alaskan Cruise. This way you can experience the incredible adventure that Alaska brings. From whale watching, bears, fishing, glacier calving and more. Read more about our last minute Alaska cruises here.

Best Time To Travel To Alaska

The best time to travel to Alaska depends on what you are wanting to do. The best time to cruise to Alaska is between May and August.

The lowest rainfall in Alaska is during the months of May and June. If you are wanting to visit Alaska to see whales, it's best to go on a cruise during June and July after the whales have made their migration.

However if you want to see bears in Alaska, the best time to travel to Alaska is during the month of May.

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