Relaxation on your Custom Alaska cruise

What could possibly be more relaxing than your own custom cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage? Embark on a cruise with Custom Alaska Cruises to find out. Our flagship, the M.V. Sikumi, is luxuriously equipped to accommodate you and your group as you cruise through the majestic and pristine Alaskan wilderness.


Our Custom Alaska Cruises are the perfect way for you to enjoy the amazing wilderness Alaska has to offer. Whether you are joining us with your family for a vacation or with business associates for a corporate retreat, we are equipped to provide you with the comforts and capabilities your group desires.

The M.V. Sikumi is a multipurpose cruise ship available for your custom cruise excursions. From our commercial galley where fine cuisine is prepared fresh several times a day to our cozy staterooms where you can get a good night’s rest, your comfort is of paramount concern to us and our staff.

Alaskan Cruise Activities In Any Weather

Lounging on the top deck is a popular pastime for many of our passengers. Lie out on the sun deck or barbecue the catch of the day in the covered lounge of the top deck.

When the weather is poor or when you want a break from the great outdoors relax in our salon/lounge area. Well, have fresh linens and the facilities to wash and dry your clothes. One of the most relaxing parts of our cruises occurs when we make our way to one of the many secluded hot springs in the Inside Passage. Relaxing in these natural springs melts away any tension or stress you may have managed to hold onto at the start of your cruise.

A wide variety of activities will be available to you and your travel companions. From kayaking to fishing┬áto whale watching to photography, we’ll help you choose the activities and locations that would offer the best experiences.

Our versatility and access to many facilities allows for different passengers to embark on different adventures at the same time. Maybe dad wants to take Billy out fishing while mom takes Nick and Jenny kayaking. Whatever the combination of ages and abilities in your group, we’ll accommodate everyone’s specific wants and needs.

Nowhere else in the world can you enjoy the majestic and magnificent natural resources of North America like you can cruising along the waterways of Southern Alaska. Join Custom Alaska Cruises for the Alaskan cruise adventure of a lifetime.

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