Inside Passage’s Best Wildlife Viewing

Custom Alaska Cruises offers passengers numerous opportunities to view wildlife in its most pristine and primal form. Alaska’s Inside Passage and its waterways are populated by many diverse and exotic forms of wildlife, perhaps none more numerous and diverse than the bird population. Our small boat cruises offer the ideal vantage point for seeing these Alaskan birds.

Bald eagles are one of the most popular and most frequently watched birds in Alaska. You’ll have opportunities to watch the eagles as they live in their natural environment. Take advantage of the sights as eagles swoop down from the skies and snatch fish from the sea. Watch them soar elegantly and lounge about on the shore and occasionally atop the boat.

Opportunities for Alaska wildlife viewing lurk around every corner when cruising. Eagles are commonly sighted swooping down and snatching fish from the water. Experience the thrill of having an orca whale just yards away from our ship as he “spy-hops” to look you in the eye.

Bald Eagle Viewing

Bald Eagles are found in great proliferation in Alaska, more so than in anywhere else in the USA. You’ll have opportunities to watch eagles as they live in their natural environment, swooping down from the skies to snatch a fish from the sea or just soaring elegantly above us.

Migratory Birds
Spring in Alaska sees the arrival of a vast concentration of migratory shore and estuary birds. You might see water-fowl, pipers, heron and swans just to name a few.

From the avid birdwatcher to the novice lover of wildlife, cruises with Custom Alaska Cruises offer ample opportunities to view and photograph the many types of birds found in Alaska.

““It’s probably the bald eagles that awed me the most. I counted nine near a stream, by the bay where we anchored for the night. One eagle was on the ground, feeding on a large salmon. Others watched from the trees and would occasionally take flight around our small group of passengers who had gone ashore to explore. The eagle feasting on the fish let me approach within about 40 feet before reluctantly taking off without its prey. Others whistled to each other, and one pair flew over in close formation, framed by a perfect backdrop of snow-capped peaks and blue sky.”
Clark Mason, USA”

Custom Alaska Cruises will take you to get a closer view of all things wild in Alaska. Photo opportunities abound and the sharp eyes of the crew are on constant lookout for wildlife. Our kayaks offer yet another platform for wildlife viewing.

They are a quiet and intimate way to explore kittiwake rookeries and other coastal sights.

While cruising we may encounter numerous types of Alaska wildlife: humpback whales, killer whales, sea lions, seals, and sea otters, not to mention an enormous variety of sea birds. While on shore, beach combing or hiking, you might chance upon brown or black bears, moose, fox or porcupine. Eagles are found in nearly every corner of the Alaska coastline, and are sure to be a common sight along your cruise. The majestic scenes of Alaska include snow capped mountains and glaciers.

Alaska Cruise Kayaking Wildlife Viewing

Alaska Whale Watching

Dall Porpoise
Dall Porpoise are delightful creatures and consistent crowd pleasers. They are very exciting to watch as they enjoy swimming and playing in the break of the boats wake, putting on quite a show to be enjoyed from the boats upper deck.

Humpback Whales
In Alaska’s summer months, Humpback Whales and their newborn migrate from Hawaii to the nutrient rich waters of Frederick Sound to feed on the abundant Krill and Herring. You’ll be able to witness up close as they use their unique cooperative ‘bubble net’ technique to herd their prey. It is an amazing sight to see not just one, but a whole group of whales bursting out of the water in unison.

Orca’s are some of the most spectacular examples of Alaska Wildlife, these huge animals always impress.

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