Exploring the magnificent and vast Alaskan wilderness on foot is an unparalleled experience. Hiking is a unique activity in which many Alaska small ship cruise passengers indulge. This is one of the biggest differences between a large ship and small ship cruise.

We are able to dock and hike in the most remote and pristine mountain ranges in the world!

With lush forests, exceptional beaches, and incredible wildlife surrounding you, not hiking during your Private Alaska yacht charter should be a criminal offense. Let our crew take you out in our skiff to show you private and primeval places that often feel downright magical.

We can take you on a long, secluded hike into the Tongass National Forest. This is the largest rainforest in North America, and it is filled with incredible flora and fauna.

If you are up for something a little more relaxing, we can take you for a hike to some incredible natural hot springs, where you can soak and play as long as you like.

The Sikumi’s small size allows us to get up close to wild places that many others only dream about, so do not forget to hit the trails during your cruise aboard the Sikumi.

You can scout out the perfect ridge for an Alaska hiking excursion and embark on your hiking adventure straight from the Sikumi’s deck. Enjoy these and other activities in the pristine and solitary Alaskan wilderness while on your Alaska cruise aboard the M/V Sikumi.

Let our seasoned staff introduce you to remote wonders you’ve only dreamed of on genuine Alaska hikes. Whether you prefer a leisurely walk to a splendid hot spring or a more strenuous hike along a breathtaking ridge, the opportunities for fun ashore are ever-present with your all-inclusive Alaska small ship cruise.

alaska cruise hiking excursions

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