Alaska Cruise Excursions

All excursions are included in your trip price!

Many cruise lines will make you pick an activity for your trip and charge you if you want to experience more. We want our guests to have new and fantastic experiences, and that is why we are called Custom Alaska Cruises.

All excursions are included in your trip price! There isn’t an extra charge to play more, fish more, kayak more, or just sit on the deck and watch the sunset with a glass of wine.

Thunderous waterfalls can be viewed as they pound their way straight into the sea-enveloping the boat in a fog of mist-or on the shore when we stop to hike inland.

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    Glacier Viewing

    We cruise through the ice-strewn waters that surround the faces of these glaciers, allowing for prime photo opportunities.


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    Bear Viewing

    Custom Alaska Cruises offers passengers numerous opportunities to view wildlife in its most pristine and primal form.

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    Whale Watching

    During the summer months, whale watching is one of the most popular activities within Alaska’s Inside Passage and the Frederick Sound.

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    Fishing Excursions

    Yes, you read that right. Fishing with Custom Alaska Cruises is included at no extra cost. Not to brag, but all of our cruising excursions are free. Ok, maybe we’re bragging a little, but that’s the exciting part.


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    Shrimping and Crabbing Viewing

    Alaskan shrimping and crabbing are activities that the whole family can enjoy. From setting out the pots (that you use to catch the creatures) to hauling in the catch, to cooking and enjoying the day’s finds. Alaskan shrimping and crabbing aboard our Alaska small boat cruise give new definition to fresh seafood

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    Kayaking Excursions

    Alaska kayaking is one of the more popular activities for passengers while cruising with Custom Alaska Cruises. We are equipped with kayaks and kayaking equipment suitable for all kayakers – from first timers to seasoned veterans.

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    Hiking Excursions

    Exploring the magnificent and vast Alaskan wilderness on foot is an unparalleled experience. Hiking is a unique activity in which many Alaska small ship cruise passengers indulge.


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    Photography Excursions

    Whether you are an inexperienced novice photographer or a seasoned veteran, cruises with Custom Alaska Cruises provide non-stop opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime cruise photography.

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    Birding Excursions

    Alaska and its waterways are populated by many diverse and exotic forms of wildlife, perhaps none more numerous and diverse than the bird population. The decks of the M/V Sikumi offer the ideal vantage point for seeing these Alaskan birds.

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    The Sikumi carries a skiff that enables passengers and crew to set off on excursions to the mainland, or to one of the Inside Passage islands. Such versatility affords passengers opportunities to explore sites on land for themselves.


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    Hot Springs

    The Baranof Hot Springs is located in Warm Springs Bay which is just off of Chatham Strait. It receives its name from the eponymous hot springs. Baranof Hot Springs is also the outlet of Baranof Lake and Baronof River. Taking a small trip to the hot springs is a great way for the family to get out and relax.

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    Plantlife Excursions

    Alaska’s plantlife is diverse and abundant. During the summer months, Alaska receives up to 20 hours of sunshine a day along with ample rainfall, providing the perfect recipe for color and growth among the state’s beautiful flora.

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