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Photos and Videos from "Custom Alaska Cruises" Guests and Crew


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"We appreciated that everyone's photos were downloaded on a flash drive at the end of the trip and that Amy provided a day by day description of where we went and what we had done. A nice way to share the experience that was captured by other photographs."   2012 Cruise Guest

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New Gallery


Custom Alaska Cruises - Photo Galleries

All Photos taken by former guests and crew aboard the M/V Sikumi.


Alaska Wildberries
Alaska Wild Berries
Floating Icebergs
Stellar Sea Lion
Alaska Stellar Sea Lions
Beach Fire
Beachfire Night
Custom Alaska Cruises Trip pic
Alaska Wildflowers
Alaska Humpback Whale
Breaching Humpback Whale
Humpback Whale Breaching
Another Breaching Whale
Custom Alaska Cruise Trip pic
Surprise Octupus in Shrimp Pots
Custom Alaska Cruises Trip pic
Petersburg, Alaska our homeport
Custom Alaska Cruises Trip pic
Brown Bear catches Salmon supper
Custom Alaska Cruises Trip pic
Great Alaska Fishing
Custom Alaska Cruises Trip pic
Kayak & Hiking Excursion
Alaska Harbor Seals rest on an Iceberg
Harbor Seals rest on icebergs
Custom Alaska Cruise Trip pic
Juvenile Bald Eagle
Custom Alaska Cruise Trip pic
M/V SIkumi: Small Ship Cruise Boat



Glacier Day - Gallery and Slideshow Glacier Day - Gallery and Slideshow Glacier Day - Gallery and Slideshow


2009 Season in Reflection- By Guide Dan Coe
Posted Sept 15th, 2009

Voyage to Tracy Arm - By Guide Dan Coe

Best of 2008
Selection of 67 pictures chosen and edited by the Sikumi crew

Best of 2007
Selection of 244 pictures from over 30,000 taken during the season.


The Boat, Cuisine & Adventure.

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