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Alaska Fishing Cruise


Alaskan Fishing
Cruise Pic



Alaskan Fishing
Cruise Pic


Alaskan Fishing
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Alaska Fishing
Cruise Pic


Alaska Fishing
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Alaskan Fishing
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Alaska Fishing
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Alaska Fishing Cruise

Halibut Fishing is not available for the 2011. Because of new Alaska Fish & Game restrictions. Don't worry though, there are plenty of other Fish, Crab and Shrimp to catch.

Custom Alaska Cruises offer a variety of ways to enjoy a world-class Alaska fishing. Whether aboard the M.V. Sikumi or on a chartered fishing vessel, opportunities for great Alaska salmon and Alaska halibut fishing abound for both the avid fisherman and the novice.

All freshwater fishing with a local independent licensed guide service's only. There is great fishing off the Sikumi. But If you want a serious sportfishing charter these need to be organised before your cruise.

We can work with charter companies who are familiar with the local waters and are knowledgeable in finding the best fishing locations. We can help arrange an Alaska salmon or Alaska halibut charter for you and your group. We can also arrange a guided fly-fishing trip along remote rivers
in spectacular sights. Perhaps you'd like to see a commercial fishery at work; we can have you there as they haul in their catch.

The remote waters of the Inside Passage and Southeast Alaska are some of the best fishing grounds in the world, and the M.V. Sikumi can provide you with the perfect opportunity to fish these abundant waterways in any fashion you choose. Alaskan Salmon fishing is absolutely world class, drawing fishermen from all corners of the globe to the last frontier. We will work with you to customize your cruise to accommodate any combination of fishing and other activities you would like to participate in.

Of course, the types of fish available are seasonal and you will need a valid Alaska fishing license. Apart from that though everything is taken care of, rods provided, hooks baited, fish filleted and either packed for you to take home, or cooked for your immediate enjoyment.

Fishing off the M/V Sikumi

Although the Sikumi is not a fishing boat, it serves quite well in a pinch. Guests frequently fish from the comfort of our decks, catching a wide array of fish and crustaceans.

After hauling in your catch, we can have it filleted and sent to the chef in a matter of minutes. You’ve never had fresh sea food quite like this!

Shrimping & Crabbing

Catching shrimp is a Guest favorite. You throw the pots in the water and let them ‘soak’. After some time you’ll pull the pots from the water and hopefully you catch a bunch of Crab or Shrimp.

If you've been lucky, a shrimp or crab meal is not far away.The Chef has many ideas for preparing exciting and different dishes using your fresh catch.

Serious fishing

For the more adventurous fishermen, or women, we can organise Alaska salmon fishing and Alaska halibut fishing charters. We work with some of the most respected guides in Alaska, arranging remote fly in trips to otherwise inaccessible places. The charters can pick you up and return you to the M/V Sikumi.

Family Fishing

Fishing is something the whole family can enjoy, kids just love the excitement of catching their first fish. Alternatively if fishing is something just Dad wants to do, there are plenty of other things to keep the kids happily entertained on a family cruise to make sure he is left in peace.

Alaska Family Fishing Pic

Alaska Fishing Cruise Reviews

"Thank you for... finding the right spot, baiting the hooks, dropping the lines, gutting and cleaning and filleting them, storing and cooking and serving them..."

"Best fishing experience of my life to date!"

"The fishing experiences we had I will remember forever. A great time definitely."

"The fresh seafood meals were a real treat. To have 'just caught' fish and shrimp was the best."

...landing a 73lb Halibut, by the far the biggest fish I have ever caught... we will have great stories for our friends and family. We are all leaving hooked on Alaska."


If you are going to fish during your trip you will need to buy a valid Alaska fishing license.

They may be purchased at most Supermarkets, Convenience Stores and Gas stations in Alaska. Also available online.


More information on Alaska fishing licenses >>

United States Forestry Service



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